Heard About Orion ?

Sri Sri University is facilitating its Fourth Edition of Annual Cultural and Business Fest ORION'18 - A mission for Brilliance. ORION'18 is imagined rather envisioned to be the biggest social celebrations in Odisha and Eastern India. Orion is a standout amongst the most conspicuous and prominent constellations, portraying looking for — of grandness, enterprises and spiritual growth. We, at Sri Sri University, try the same with our grounded roots and readiness to be a supernova. This massive occasion will pull in all best Management organizations from everywhere throughout the nation making Sri Sri University the mixture of social assorted variety and intellect. We believe in powerful mix of corporate help and student cooperation to make our occasion a bigger success this year.

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Decoding Orion

The next shot for the understudies to unleash Odisha's Biggest Annual 3 day fest Orion'17, with a line more than 20+ events, witnessing more than 2000 participations across the state. With some additional twisting fixings in cultural, Orion'17 included smart, wise and brilliant combination of scholastic and adventure sports. Under scholastics, HR Contest, Entrepreneur Contest, Best Manager etc were the highlights.

About Sri Sri University

Envisioned by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji, Sri Sri University was established in 2009 as a centre for worldclass education in India. The university offers a unique education that brings together the best of Western innovation with the ancient values and wisdom of the East. The university offers a range of pivotal as well as unique courses that seek to preserve the ancient wisdom of the East thorough programs in yoga and naturopathy, classical performing arts and offer the best of Western innovation through cutting-edge programs in Osteopathy and Craniosacral therapy, good governance and management

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