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Take away the risk and you can do Anything!


Arthayudh is about How quick you are with numbers and how good your financial strategy works, because at Arthayudh if you are not smart you are out! With different tasks of Volatility and Uncertainty.

 A competition where critical thinking and analytics plays a major role in analyzing the situation.


Vinita Asrani 8866003183

Vipul Patil 9970883127


Prize Worth:

5000 INR


Team(2) Rs 200

Team(3) Rs 300


31st Jan,2nd Feb


3rd Feb


  1. Any no. of teams can participate from one institute.

  2. The team can consist of MBA 1st and 2nd year, BBA, BCOM and MCOM all years students from any college across India. Team members need not necessarily be from the same institution.

  3. No. of participants per team can be 2/3 only.

  4. No change in the team structure will be entertained after registration.

  5. All Participants must produce individual ID cards.

  6. Participants must have Laptops and Internet Connection in order to participate properly.

  7. Dress code should Formals.

  8. He/she should be enrolled in any college/ university.

  9. Kindly adhere to the deadlines of the event.

  10. Contestants will be given time limits before the round start and are expected to submit before the deadline. Submissions of answer sets after the deadline will be rejected.

  11. The event is open to all who are above 18 years.

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