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The camp offers a wide range of activities that will not only give you an amazing experience but also help you grow in many ways.
It includes activities ranging from adventure sports like Zipline, mounting climbing, Burma bridge, etc to in-house activities like music, dance, interactivity sessions and much more. And lastly what is a camp without a bonfire and some barbeque? We have got you covered on that too!

The activities happen from 18th-20th January in the north campus, Sri Sri University, Cuttack

mega package

2 nights  3 days

Camping in tents. 7-time meals

Concerts  Bonfire. BBQ. Silent DJ


Other activities

Gift trip to Bali for lucky winners

Live music

Price: 2899

night only package

2 nights

2-time dinner

Camping in tents



Live music

Price: 1399


The following are the rules and regulations that have been established by the administration of the banjara camp for the health, safety and protection of all campers and leaders in the camp. Your cooperation in following them is appreciated.

1. No alcohol or illegal drugs are permitted in the camp at any time.

2. No firearms, ammunitions, hand-held weapons(swords, night-sticks , butterfly knives, etc) or archery equipment may be brought to the camp. due to our liability insurance, youth may only use the equipment provided by the camp.

3. No running, except in an athletic field or event.

4. Appropriate footwear is required all the time(running shoes & slippers).

5. Every camper must report to the camp leader before leaving the campsite.

6. Valuables such as money, watches and jewellery must be properly safeguarded.

7. Each camp member is responsible for keeping the campsite clean, in order to keep it clean and free from damage.

8. Non-vegetarian food is not allowed.

9. No pets or visitors are allowed on the campsite.

10. Campers who have vehicles onsite will not be permitted to use them during the duration of camp. The keys will be collected upon arrival.

11. All campers will attend and actively engage in all the activities happening in the camp.

12. If a camper continues to disobey the camp rules, or is found intentionally compromising the safety of another camper, the adviser will deal with the situation.disciplinary actions will be taken.

13. Your id proof (pan card, adhar card, college id, etc) should be submitted at the time of arrival and will be returned to you at the time of departure.

14. Any damage to the camping premises have to be borne by the campers.

15. If caught consuming alcohol or illegal drugs then a fine of rs.5000 will be charged.

16. You are attending the camp by your own will. University will not be responsible for any mishappening which happens during the camp.

Event Co-ordinator


Ajith S. Parackal

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Jenny Dornal

No upcoming events at the moment
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