Fashion Show

Celestia at Sri Sri University provides a platform to showcase one’s inner fashionista.
Make them stop and stare, take their breath away and dazzle, it’s the competitor’s goal.
“Make the world your runway! Make the evening yours”


AKUL PUJARANI RAO – 98616-19700

ANIRUDH RENWA - 85002-52244

prize money


registration fee

Rs 250/- per person


1. Small description about the concept to be sent to the contacts given below.
2. Each team should have 15 members (10-12 participants and back stage              assistance members)
3. One college can have more than one team to participate.
4· It is imperative for all team members to carry their college ID cards and must         present them during the time of registration at the campus.
5· Team must bring their own props and costume.
6· Two copies of sound track to be sublimed in standard audio format-MP3 to the      organizers4hrs before the event commences (CD, PEN DRIVES ONLY, NO            LAPTOPS)
7· Any kind of vulgarity, obscenity would lead to disqualification of the team.            Hence, consult the event coordinators before performing on the stage                  regarding the music, props etc.
8· Judges decision will be non disputable.
9. Each team will be given 10-12 mins to perform, exceeding the time limit              would lead to negative marking.
10. Participants should currently be pursuing a course in the registered college.
**A green room shall be provided to each team.
**Makeup kit and accessories to be carried by the teams.

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