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Photography is an art that has no language but a thousand words to express and show all that is right and wrong , good and bad . At Hues , flex those time freezing skills that capture a moment to last forever .


Simran Sinha 9668520806

prize money

Prize Worth 2500 INR

registration fee

Rs 100/- PER PHOTO


● Monochrome
● Culture of India
● Street photography
● Architecture
● Abstract

When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence


  1. Not more than three photos will be accepted. All three photos should be from three different themes mentioned below.

  2. 1 photo will be accepted on 1 theme.

  3. There is no restriction on the camera being used for the event. Mobile Photography is acceptable.

  4. Entries found to be copied from the internet or any other source will be Disqualified.

  5. Submitting of obscene or NC-17 content is not permitted.

  6. The photographs should be clicked in JPEG format.

  7. Resolution of the Photograph shouldn’t be less than 1280*720 pixels, ( If using A DSLR OR SLR )

  8. The photos should be without any borders, frames and watermarks.

  9. The photographs should have appropriate caption and photographs without Captions will be rejected.

  10. Mention your name, school/college name, phone number with the entries and also tag @orionfest and the judge of the event.

  11. Participants can start sending the photographs by 10 am on 04/02/2021 till 6 pm on 04/02/2021. No photograph will be accepted after 6 pm.

  12. Entries without the details and tagging will not be entertained.

  13. No photographs should be entertained after the due date

  14. Decision shall be final by the Judges.

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