Singing Competition

Music isn’t just about singing and people listening. It's the connection which connects people heart to heart. It's the only one field where no strategies are applied and rather, just the presence of emotions plays a whole role itself. Music is about something without which one’s life is incomplete.


So, here we are with 'KONNEXION', a platform where one can sing with his/her heart out without any borders of the song type (Bollywood, Classical, Western and Freestyle) and can feel this noble art within oneself as the greatest treasures of the world.


Tirthankar - +91 6209043988
Devlal Murmu- +91 8210467495

prize money


registration fee

SOLO- Rs 300/-

DUET- Rs 500/-


1. All participants should be above 16 years of age and should have a valid ID proof of their respective colleges.


2. The Time limit for solo performance is 3 mins and for duet performance is 5 mins. Only 30 seconds will be given for sound check. The sound system will be switched off if the time limit is exceeded.


3.Only Bollywood, Classical, Western and Freestyling(No Rap) songs are allowed.


4.Only after the selected participants have confirmed their payment of registration fees for the 2nd round will be allowed to perform on stage. 


5. Participants should inform the details beforehand whether they bring any accompanist and instruments with them to avoid unnecessary delay of time for soundcheck. The Maximum no. Of accompanist per participant is 2.


6.Judging Criteria for 2nd Round- 10 points each for Vocal, Rhtym and Style. Total points will be 30.


7.Clothing or action that could be perceived obscene, lewd, vulgar, or plainly offensive is strictly prohibited.



Round 1 - The participants have to register themselves and then they should mail a video clip of them performing on the email IDs provided below. The length of the Video Clip should be Maximum 2 mins. No Registration fees will be charged during the Screening Process. Selection will be done according to Vocal, Style and Rhythm of the participants followed by screening and qualification for the 2nd round.


Round 2 - The performance based round in which every qualified participant needs to either bring their Karaoke track or Instruments or Accompanists(max 2) with them on the day of the event. The Karaoke track should be in MP3 format. The participants will be allowed to perform only after paying the Registration amount. After this round, judgement will be taken and the winners will be declared.

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