Street Play

Various issues plague our society. The Street Play or Nukkad as we know it is
an innovative method to raise mass awareness. Every year Rangmanch
manages to scare, terrify, awe and amaze the viewers into an outburst of
emotions backed by spectacular performances by the competing teams.


Arya Anwesh: 9337664324

Daksh Tripathi: 8272011453

prize money


registration fee



1. All the participants should be above 15 years and must bring ID card of
2. Registration of the team should be done latest by the first week of January.
3. Team to assemble 1 hour before the event gets started.
4. Clothing or actions that could be perceived as obscene, lewd, vulgar or plainly
    offensive are strictly prohibited.
5. No costumes will be provided by organizers.
6. The time limit per team is of 20 minutes maximum, this includes the setup time
    and failing to adhere the same would lead to negative marking.
7. A team should consist of 15 members not more than that.
8. No electronic equipment (including microphones) is allowed.
9. Language can be Hindi/English.
10. Any adaption from the original piece of work should be mentioned.
11. In case of any situation which has not been described in the rules, the                  decision of the jury will be considered final.

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