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Band Competition

Tune the chords, adjust echo, adjust bass, and soundcheck! The Bands get the crowd swaying and
singing in unison to those tunes in which the competitors will make their own.


Abhinav Rai: 9340484854
Anshuman Das: 9178149080

prize money

Prize Money- 35,000/- WORTH

registration fee

850/- per Team


1. The competition will be conducted in 2 rounds.
2. There are no limitations for any genre.
3. Growling or heavy metals are allowed.
4. Decision of judges will be considered non-disputable. The Judging criteria            includes technical, proficiency, musicality, performance, creativity and                  audience   reaction.
5. No restriction on language of the lyrics unless vulgarity is shown.
6. The number of inputs and mics required should be specified latest by 1st week      of January.
7. Participants using any abusive words like profanity, racist remarks, sexually            explicit content or violence. etc. will be disqualified from the event.
8. The no. of participants should be a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 8 per          band.
9. Team must bring their own equipment (guitars, violins keyboards, etc.).                  Microphones and a drum set will be provided.
10. All the teams must be present 1 hour before the event for line ups, without any        fail.

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