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Regain the Momentum


Storm the Norm is back and the challenge has been set but have you got it in you?

Orion is here for you to regain the momentum to recognize and reward the talent of the future.


Pooja Sarode

Chaitanya Vijayvargiya 7550170409


Prize Worth: 7000 INR



Team- 200/-


31st Jan, 1st Feb, 3rd Feb


4th Feb


  1. The participating team can consist of a maximum of 3 and minimum 2 Members.  

  2. All teams will be eligible to be a part of the first three rounds. There will be no disqualification in the first three rounds.

  3. Each team will be given a score for each round. After the completion of the third round all the scores will be added and a final score will be calculated. This score will be the basis for elimination.  

  4. Only the top teams will go ahead to the Final Round.  

  5. The team can comprise participants from different  

  6. institutes/organizations.  

  7. Plagiarism and unavailability during presentation will lead to disqualification.

  8. Late submissions will be DISCARDED and not be considered for evaluation.  

  9. Once the registration is done no refund will be issued.  

  10. In any case of conflict, the decision of the organizers shall be deemed final.  

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