Yoga Dance

Isn’t it fascinating that humans are capable to freeze time and store it in microchips which helps them to reminisce beautiful memories?
We at HUES completely focus on perspective, the perfect shot, and the perfect bridge between the scene and the camera. That shot defines this Photography Competition.


Priyanka Bhatia: 9873746967

Renita Sinha: 78386638

prize money


registration fee

Solo- 150/-



1. All participants must bring a valid ID card of school/college.
2. Registration should preferably be done prior to the event
3. Teams to assemble 60 minutes prior to their event happening at the
    designated venue to avoid delay in time.
4. Clothing or actions that could be perceived as obscene, lewd, vulgar
    or plainly offensive is strictly prohibited.
5. Teams are requested to ensure that they maintain the dignity and
    respect the heritage of yoga. Anyone who fails to do so shall be
    disqualified without any justifications.
6. No costumes will be provided by organizers.
7. Negative marks for exceeding the time limit.
8. In case of any situations which have not been described in the rules,
    decisions of judges will be final.
9. For any queries, participants may contact the event coordinator.
10. A team should consist of 8 members.

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